Liverpool striker Dani Pacheco insists that the club and supporters should not place too much pressure on colleague Suso, if they want him to achieve his potential in the Premier League.

Suso, 18, has impressed since making his Liverpool first-team debut against Young Boys in September and has gone on to make four further appearances for the club, including two league starts.

Pacheco, a close friend of his compatriot, insists he has not been surprised by the youngster’s progress, but hopes he is not inhibited by too much pressure being applied at an early age, while he still has much improvement required.

“He hasn’t surprised me,” Pacheco told of his close friend. “I know how well he can play, how he can change games and how confident he is on the ball.

“He can play against Manchester United or any team in the league and there won’t be any nerves. He’ll get on the ball and play football. He got a chance and he’s taken it.

“He can be as good as he wants to be. We don’t have to put any pressure on him – we have to let him enjoy his football and keep doing what he’s doing. He is still very young, every player needs to improve and every player will get better and better if he keeps playing.”