Different methods of enlisting the services of physiotherapist in London

Every person experiences health related problems at one point in their life. The problems could result in physical, emotional or even mental pain. At such a time, the person needs dedicated support. That is where the physiotherapy London practitioners come in. They offer an all-rounded approach to healing consequently restoring the patient back to his or her normal functions. A person in need of a physiotherapy London has two main ways of contracting them; through the NHS or the private practitioners. However, it is possible to get entrée through Self-Referral (direct access), Occupational health schemes, or Private medical insurance.

Referral through the NHS comes in when a patient’s doctor, GP’ or hospital consultant assists the patient to get in touch with a physiotherapist. Depending on the health condition of the patient, the GP can recommend the therapist to see the patient in three different ways; visit the patient in the hospital ward, make home visits to the patient’s premises or wait to see the patient as an outpatient.

There are physiotherapists in the UK who work in the private health sector. Through the private practitioners, a patient can also get the medical therapy that they need. They can do so by looking up the therapists on the Physio2udirectory or from the Professional Network for private practitioners’ listings. If the patient has a private health insurance cover, they should make sure that their policy terms cover such therapy before he or she secures an appointment with the physiotherapist.

There are instances where a patient might feel that they need to see a physiotherapist without going through the GP. In such a case, the patient can ask to see one of the NHS physiotherapists at their local hospital. Since this self-referral system is operation in only a few areas of the UK, a patient has to confirm from the staff at their GP practice if the system exists in their locality.

To comply with the occupational health and safety regulations, as well as to reap the benefits of having healthy staff, many employers have put measures to guarantee the wellbeing of their staff. For some, the measures include running health schemes that involve physiotherapy. While many organisations use the services of the local physiotherapy London-based practitioners, the larger organisations have in-house physiotherapists.

Lastly, some people prefer to take private medical insurance cover instead of the state provided cover. Some private insurance firms offer schemes that include physiotherapy. A policyholder under such a scheme should find out if they are eligible for the therapy sessions.

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